Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How do I change my political affiliation?

When I was younger and coming out of hs I was in a very liberal area and registered with the democratic party and voted for Al Gore. After going to college and really seeing both sides of things I've switched sides and voted for Bush in 04. I really see myself as with the GOP now, but I'm still registered as a democrat. How do I change this so that I can vote in the GOP primaries? Also, being in a very liberal area, would it be more to my advantage to stay registered as a democrat and just vote GOP? My father is a businessman and works with a lot of politicians and when I was younger this is what he told me he did. If anyone else has had these thoughts or went through this process I'd like to hear about it.How do I change my political affiliation?First question - go to the board of elections in your state to change your party status. You may be able to get the form online. It's just a matter of registering again.

Second question - do what feels right to you, not just what your father did. If you stay registered as a democrat you won't be able to vote in GOP primaries as you said, but you could sully the democratic primary. Really, it's your choice. That's why this is a free country.How do I change my political affiliation?go to you local court house election board...How do I change my political affiliation?Go to the County Board of Elections and fill out a card and select the party that you want to be a member of!!!How do I change my political affiliation?Just go to your polling place on primary day. When they ask you which ballot you want, ask for the republican ballot. Bam... your're a republican.

But before you do that. Please, Please, Please, watch a little less FoxNews and a little more of any other new source.How do I change my political affiliation?Matt, all you have to do is go to the town office or city hall where you are registered to vote and tell them that you want to change your party affiliation. They will hand you a form to fill out and make the change in their register. If you are not sure where you %26quot;belong%26quot; just check off %26quot;no party affiliation%26quot; then you don't commit to either one.

Hope this helps.How do I change my political affiliation?I can't possibly conclude how with getting educated that you decided to become republican. Most people as they gain knowlege and understanding they go the other way! Must have to do with the business angle. I really dont think that your business concerns are large enough to make you feel that you are better off as a republican, If you were, I seriously doubt you would be here!

Anyway- a person needs to vote their consience, so whatever that may be I encourage you to do it!How do I change my political affiliation?By the time you got to graduate school, you should have figured out that Republicans are uneducated liars and cheats.

It sounds like your father knows best how to continue the tradition. Take his advice and join the underworld.How do I change my political affiliation?You can change your registration by didn't mention what state you are living in, but if you do a search of your state + voter registration, you should be able to download the application, complete it and mail it back. You will need to send a copy of your DL with the application.

As far as should you change your have the right to change your affiliation...that is why we are a democracy! I would say go for it! Good luck!How do I change my political affiliation?Since my area don't ask me what party I am in it's just vote whomever you want now. I am registered republican but, I am actuallly independant. I was a democrat all of my life living with my parents until I married my husband. I put republican because the Family Values and Christian Values. However, Independant is where I want to be.How do I change my political affiliation? Graduate School, and don't know how to change a party affiliation.......stay with the Dem's

We Republicans are fast and smooth, and mean and crude....

Nah just kidding you can write to your local %26quot;Office of Elections%26quot; in your home State, and request a 2666A, and they will mail it to you.

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